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About Northern Waterworks Inc.

Northern Waterworks was incorporated in 1997 to fill an urgent need for the provision of client-sensitive water and wastewater treatment services in Northern Ontario. For over 15 years, Northern Waterworks has provided Municipal, First Nation and Industrial clients with cost-effective services that focus on the specific needs of the client.

The primary goal for Northern Waterworks is to protect the well-being of the community and its surrounding environment. This is accomplished by ensuring client facilities are operating at peak efficiency, and in full compliance with regulatory requirements. The Northern Waterworks model is focused on responsiveness to client concerns and providing exceptional value-for dollar.

Northern Waterworks currently operates, maintains and manages:

  • 17 Municipal Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • 2 Municipal Elevated Storage Tanks
  • 2 Municipal Booster Pumping Stations
  • 32 Municipal Wastewater Lift Stations

Municipal operations are provided under full contract management, including staffing, maintenance management, human resources, and procurement.

Under INAC First Nation Water and Wastewater Action Plan (FNWWAP), Northern Waterworks currently oversees:

  • First Nation Water Treatment and Distribution Systems
  • 127 First Nations under 24/7 First Response protection (approved responses are 100% funded by INAC)

With over S400 million in assets currently under management, Northern Waterworks is one of the fastest growing water utility companies in Canada.

On an average day in 2014, Northern Waterworks managed the production of 20 million litres of safe drinking water.

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