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International Services

Northern Waterworks Inc. is a leading  operations  and maintenance trainings provider in water and wastewater management.

Founded by water and wastewater professionals in 1997, the organization has two international objectives:

  • Increase awareness and knowledge regarding water and wastewater
  • Provide superior water and wastewater training programs to focused audiences

India wastewater training services Northern Waterworks creates awareness through education and training programs to cultivate water industry based specialized manpower. Northern Waterworks is second to none when it comes  to understanding  industry trends with regards to water and wastewater training programs.

Northern Waterworks assists customers to formulate training strategies and schedules as well as work on the means and platforms needed to make a mark within a designated industry.

Northern Waterworks believes that innovative, customized solutions provide high-value for customers, and out-of-box solutions that pioneer new innovations is Northern Waterworks’ constant endeavour.

Northern Waterworks Training Courses:

Think of Northern Waterworks 

  • As the thought leader for the water and wastewater industry
  • As the international  training platform and technology provider for water and wastewater companies
  • As the aid to strategy development and policy making for municipal sectors and local municipal bodies
  • As the creator of new and valuable tools for higher knowledge

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