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Training Programs

Municipal Operators

The training program provides one or two week CEU approved operator training courses in the community’s water/wastewater treatment facilities to meet provincial CEU credits requirement for operator licensing renewal.

First Nations Operators Development Programs

The operation and maintenance of water & wastewater systems in northern remote communities requires trained, skilled and self-confident operators.  This proposal contains a training package that will provide the necessary skills and knowledge to First Nations operators.  The training package includes training on how to operate and maintain community facilities at a level that will ensure reliable and continuous services, stabilize operations and maintenance costs and control capital rehabilitation costs.

Northern Waterworks Inc ‘s training programs consist of four modules:

Phase I ( New Operator Training)

Module A ~ Develop basic trade knowledge and operational plant background to OIT certification ( 8 to 10 weeks in home community)

Phase II ( Advanced Operator Training )

Module B ~ Develop sound plant operation and maintenance skills to Class I & II certification including the mandatory Entry Level Programs ( 10 to 24 weeks in home community)

Module C ~ Assist operator in meeting provincial CEU credits for operator licensing renewals ( 1 or 2 weeks of CEU approved training courses held in home community)

Module D ~ One-on-one “hands-on” advanced operational training mentored by a qualified instructor in a municipal water treatment plant system.

Training is provided at a pace whereby each individual trainee, regardless of their educational background, will complete the course with a sound understanding of the operations of their system.  This could be followed by on-the-job/one-on-one training by certified technicians in diversified facilities situated in a nearby northern community ( Red Lake, Ontario).

The long term benefit of this program allows each participating community to have a fully trained, certified First Nation water/wastewater treatment plant operators with the capacity to safely operate the community’s water treatment facilities.

Recognized Ministry of Environment CEU approved certificates are issued upon completion of all courses.  The Certification Board of the Province of Ontario recognizes Northern Waterworks Inc. water & wastewater operator training course certificates.

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