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As stewards of the environment, Northern Waterworks will comply with stringent regulatory requirements and industry best practices. Northern Waterworks will earn the trust of the residents in their communities and their elected officials by providing uninterrupted water and wastewater treatment services at a fair and reasonable cost. Northern Waterworks will provide their employees with a safe working environment and the opportunity for personal and professional growth.


Northern Waterworks will be an industry leader in the provision of water and wastewater treatment services. Northern Waterworks will grow by maintaining focus of client satisfaction and accountability, and by expanding capacity to provide a complete management solution.


We will earn the trust of our clients, the residents we serve and our employees through RESPECT:

  • Responsibility – in protecting the residents of our communities and environment we live in.
  • Excellence – in the way we interact with clients, customers and represent our company.
  • Safety – on our strive toward zero accidents and lost time injuries.
  • Pride – in knowing that we are industry leaders and set lofty standards and goals.
  • Education – in achieving excellence by providing our employees with the skills and knowledge necessary to grow.
  • Compliance – in achieving and maintaining 100% compliance with environmental and safety legislation.
  • Transparency – that we remain accountable to the residents of the communities we serve and their elected officials.

Contact Us

  • 104 Howey Street
  • Red Lake, Ontario, Canada
  • P0V 2M0
  • P: 807.727.2424
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