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2023 Annual Reports (Drinking-Water)

Annual Reports are prepared in accordance with Schedule 22 (Summary Reports for Municipalities) and section 11 (Annual Reports) of Ontario Regulation 170/03 (Drinking Water Systems Regulation). Annual Reports are intended to inform both the public and Council members about a system’s operation over the previous calendar year. The 2023 Annual Reports for all systems operated by NWI are now available here. Questions or comments concerning the Annual Reports may be addressed to


Operational Plans

In Part Two of the Report of the Walkerton Inquiry, Justice Dennis O’Connor recommended that a quality management standard specifically designed for drinking water systems be developed and implemented in Ontario. This led to the creation of the Drinking Water Quality Management Standard, which provides the minimum requirements for an operating authority to establish and maintain a quality management system (QMS). A QMS for a subject system is documented in an Operational Plan. Operational Plans for all systems operated by NWI are available here.

Operational Plans are also available for public viewing at the respective municipal offices. Questions and comments concerning NWI’s QMS may be directed to


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