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First Nation Services

Northern Waterworks has been assisting First Nation Band and Tribal Councils manage their water and wastewater resources since 1997.

Northern Waterworks has customized solutions to assist Band Managers and elected officials in dealing with severe underlying challenges, such as:

  • inadequate funding
  • limited access to materials and supplies
  • limited access to technical expertise on the local level

Armed with a fleet of small aircraft and strategically located in Northern Ontario’s “hub” communities of Red Lake and Sioux Lookout, Northern Waterworks is able to deploy human and material resources to remote First Nation communities within hours, instead of days or weeks.

Northern Waterworks is using these resources to build capacity in First Nation communities and extend a support network across Northern Ontario that First Nation managers, plant operators and elected officials can easily access.

Through INAC’s 24/7 First Response Program, Northern Waterworks provides emergency response protection to 127 road and air-access First Nation communities.

Let NWI propose a solution that is built around your specific needs. Contact NWI today.

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