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Municipal Services

Northern Waterworks has been a trusted partner of municipalities since the company was formed in 1997. The company is owned by licensed operators who have a fundamental understanding of the underlying principles of utility management and who are able to translate this real-world, hands on operating experience into efficiency and cost savings for our municipal clients. This model guarantees the highest level of personal commitment and owner involvement in each and every project.

Cost-savings to Municipal Clients are generated through:

  • process optimization (ensuring facilities operate at peak efficiency)
  • accessing internal resources (instead of contracting third party services at their hourly charge out rates)
  • bulk procurement of materials. supplies and services (insurance)
  • a wide variety of value-added services at no additional cost

In choosing Northern Waterworks as your service provider, aggregation of human and material resources means small and medium sized communities have access to resources and expertise previously unavailable.

Northern Waterworks’ streamlined corporate structure (low overhead cost) translates into greater responsiveness to the concerns of our clients and solutions that are customized to the individual needs of our client’s community.

With over $400 million in assets currently under management, Northern Waterworks is one of the fastest growing water utility companies in Canada.

Northern Waterworks’ experience includes the following types of treatment processes:

Water Treatment Processes

  • Chlorination Facilities
  • Direct Filtration
  • Conventional Filtration
  • Solid-Contact Clarification
  • Membrane Filtration
  • Slow Sand Filtration
  • Ballasted Flocculation/Clarification (ActiFLO)

Wastewater Treatment Processes

  • Facultative Lagoon
  • Rotating Biological Contractor
  • Activated Sludge (Extended Aeration)

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